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 Winter 2014-2015 ski pass prices in €
 Winter 2014-2015 ski pass prices in CHF

From April 13 th to 18th, 10% discount on Portes du Soleil Skipasses. (-10% from April 12th on 6day pass)
From April 20th to 26th, 15% discount on Portes du Soleil Skipasses (-15% from April 19th on 6day pass)

  • 1/8 Lift pass offers Early Booking Pass 15% discounts apply for all reservations made ... Find out more
  • 2/8 Lift pass offers Family Pass -10 % discount* on a family Portes du Soleil ... Find out more
  • 3/8 Lift pass offers 5-hour liftpass For late-risers: try the 5-hour liftpass so you ... Find out more
  • 4/8 Lift pass offers Flash Sales ! To ski at top prices on Tuesdays and Thursdays - ... Find out more
  • 5/8 Lift pass offers Rock the Pistes offer Spring time skiing: sunbathing, skiing, music! Find out more
  • 6/8 Lift pass offers Spring Free Kids Pass From 9th April 2016, buy one adult Portes du ... Find out more
  • 7/8 Lift pass offers Kids Children's skipasses are 25% cheaper than adults'. Find out more
  • 8/8 Lift pass offers 7-day Portes du Soleil skipass at the price of a Portes du Soleil 5-day skipass Offer valid from Sunday 13th March 2016 to ... Find out more
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