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Trek mountain bike Alps

Bring your trek mountain bike for a tour in the Alps !

You are planning to bring your trek mountain bike to the Alps ?

The Portes du Soleil offers you the opportunity to practice mountain biking in the bump parks, raised bends, step-ups and shore sections of the Mont Blanc. There, you can make a tour on your trek mountain bike, and discover the beautiful natural landscapes of Châtel, Les Gets, Les Crosets and other traditional villages.

In addition, a tour on a trek mountain bike in the Alps is a beneficial sport. Such tour would help you inhale fresh air to purify your organism and relax your body. Indeed, many professional mountain bikers visit Les Portes du Soleil and make some training sessions all over the year.

The Portes du Soleil welcomes the riders from all over the world, and offers them accommodation, high-quality services and excellent biking and trekking terrains.

For more information on trek mountain bikes in the Alps

If you need further information on trek mountain bikes in the Alps, feel free to contact us.