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For feasting

There'll be no need for a heated discussion over which Raclette to choose! Both are served: Swiss and French. This is one of the plus points of a region without borders. A little tip, don't go saying that one is better than the other! You'll be spoilt for choice!

More than 90 high-altitude restaurants line the Portes du Soleil ski slopes, from the small farm inn to the gourmet restaurant.

2 AOP otherwise nothing!

In France, it's in 2017 that the Raclette got a PGI, Raclette de Savoie.
On the Swiss side, Raclette has been distinguished by a Valais PDO since 2003. So to be sure that you are choosing top quality, ask for a Valais PDO or Savoie PGI Raclette! A valley, a cow, a cheese! In the Vallée d'Abondance, make sure you don't leave without having tasted Berthoud !

This typical recipe is based on the PDO Abondance, a legendary cheese linked to this place whose name it bears. It is here, on the tracks that you will certainly take, that in summer, the cows of the same name graze in the pastures! Moreover, don't hesitate to chat with a tracker or a person working the ski lifts about their profession... They may well be a farmer!

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Hôtel-Restaurant des Portes du soleil

Face aux Dents du Midi situé au départ des télésièges de Mossettes et Grand-Conche, sur sa grande terrasse ensoleillé, la Famille Gillabert vous propose de découvrir sa carte composée de mets riches et variés ainsi que des spécialités de fromage.

Notre hôtel restaurant et self-service vous accueille dans une ambiance chaleureuse.


- Chambres confortables de 1 à 4 personnes

- Parking souterrain privé

- Situation idéal

- Salle à manger

- Billard et babyfoot sont mis à disposition des hôtes.


La salle pour mariages et banquets peut accueillir environ 100 personnes il en est de même pour la salle de conférence, celle-ci peuvent êtres mises à votre disposition sur réservation.

: Chemin du Tunnel, 2, CH - 1873 Les Crosets CP 138, CH - 1873 Les Crosets


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