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  2. Lalie Chochon: natural ‘zenitude’

Lalie Chochon: natural ‘zenitude’

Lalie Chochon: natural ‘zenitude’

Since she can remember, Lalie has always loved being outdoors, exploring wide-open spaces in harmony with the wild scenery all around. Brought up in a town, it was thanks to family holidays that she came to realise how important and fascinating the mountains were to her. The attraction was so strong that she decided to move to the hills full time and live there, becoming a mountain guide and then a yoga teacher.

The mountains, a place to awaken the senses

Summer and winter, Lalie organises individual or group tours to the prettiest places in Abondance valley. Walking, running or snowshoe trekking, on signposted trails or away from them, what's important is not how fast you do it, so much as the experience and sharing this special mountain environment with others. Lalie's philosophy is about visiting breath-taking places and learning a bit about the fauna and flora, along with natural habitats. But it's also about opening up to more subtle senses, to emotions and sensations that come from being immersed in the sometimes magical world of the mountains.

Take the time to be inspired and enter this living natural world with all your senses tingling, maybe even feel tempted to explore the very deepest parts of human nature - this is what's possible with Lalie on every outing.

Yoga, discipline in reaching the peaks

Recharging your batteries in the great outdoors, connecting with the environment, seeking physical and internal wellbeing thanks to the mountains...this search for balance has also pushed Lalie to do yoga and teach others today. An unbeatable way to exercise the body and free your mind, through physical exercises, relaxation and letting go, yoga has become a natural accompaniment to Lalie's work as a mountain guide.

With some of the finest natural views in the Portes du Soleil on offer, there's everything you need to make learning fun. In communion with the terrain, the natural terrain and the invigorating fresh air, the mountains are a wonderful tool to boost your "zen attitude" on the summits. It's here that the combinations of moves and the art of meditation happen in total harmony with Mother Nature. What's more, Lalie knows an idyllic spot to fill up on positive energy and make the most of all the benefits of a short morning sunrise session!

It's the best way to get your day off to a good start and make sure your day is spent serenely. Namasté!

Boost your “zen attitude” in the Portes du Soleil:

To find out more about the universe of Lalie Chochon and her mountain and yoga activity programme in Abondance valley: https://www.laliechochon.com/programmeraquettes

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