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Marie Bovard, rising star of freeride

Marie Bovard, rising star of freeride

Crowned two times world champion (juniors) in 2018 and 2019 on the Freeride Junior Tour (FJT), this 18-year-old skier is part of the young elite of super-talented riders who are ready to give their all to make it to the mythical Freeride World Tour (FWT) circuit.

Based in Morgins, the unbeatable Swiss village in the Portes du Soleil, you could say that Marie has pretty much grown up in the ski and mountain world. She first put skis on when she was barely able to walk and today, she still has unforgettable memories of her early years on the snow, flying at top speed down the Géant run - the resort's beginners' zone.

Brave as they come, it didn't take long for this young skier to start making for the higher ski slopes. From the top of the Foilleuse run - looking out on an incredible and exceptional Dents du Midi view, with all the immensity of the ski area stretching into the distance - how could she not dream of becoming a freestyle skier?

Like many young Valaisan locals, Marie started out in downhill skiing, before deciding to devote herself to freeride entirely. Given a taste for off-piste by her father, she soon became addicted to powder and wide-open spaces. By making a connection with nature and the surrounding mountains, freeride skiing offers unequalled riding pleasure, combining freedom and creativity.

In fact, it's often this extra helping of creativity that can make the difference in competition. That's because in freeride, there's not only technique to judge, but also a whole list of other things that together determine the quality of a run: difficulty and choice of line, control, rhythm, height of jumps and mix of tricks.

For this young rider, although she excels in competition, not everything comes down to winning in her approach to freeride. For her, it's above all about living in the moment and recharging your batteries, making the most of good conditions to re-energise while in contact with nature. Although she trains most of the time in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, she also likes to have fun in her favourite outdoor playground on touring skis, an altogether quieter kind of trip. In the immense Chablais massif, she can always find a part that's hidden away where she can get away from it all, far from the resorts and in unspoilt areas, where there's no trace of anyone.

In short, Marie Bovard's world is a happy one, straightforward and generous. At 18, this rising star of the freeride ski world is doing her best to make the most of present, which is perhaps the secret of her success.



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Please bear in mind that there is an element of risk if you are planning on taking yourself off into the wilderness in the border-free ski and snowboard area here in the Portes du Soleil. However, among our 12 linked resorts in France and Switzerland, we can offer lots of different off-piste solutions for you to do it safely on your own or with a guide. Please don't hesitate to ask the professionals in resort and mountain guides; be sure to take all necessary precautions to enjoy our natural powder reserve with total peace of mind.