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Electric mountain biking: discovering the mountains differently

Electric mountain biking: discovering the mountains differently

Electric mountain bikes are all the rage with holiday-makers who are curious about enjoying the mountain scene differently during the summer. This sport gives way to the most magnificent open-air panoramic views, without tiring yourself and with an amazing feeling of freedom.

What is electric mountain biking and what are its advantages?

Electric mountain bikes: they have all the advantages of a standard mountain bike - easy to handle, light and high performance levels - and are fitted with a rechargeable battery that can generally be removed, as well as an electric engine. Electric mountain bikes enable users to cover greater distances with very little effort compared to a standard mountain bike. The assistance level can be adjusted according to how difficult the terrain is and to your level of fitness once roaming through the mountain paths. If you are quite athletic, you can of course increase the bike’s difficulty when riding up, for a more thrilling experience. You should however be warned that the Law limits the bikes’ assistance to 250 W and a speed of 15 miles/hour. As such, electric mountain bikes enable more people to enjoy longer mountain-top trails and more abrupt paths. They are aimed at beginners and seasoned riders alike, whether young or not so young.

Mountain areas perfectly suited to electric mountain biking

There are special secure and marked areas for enjoying lovely mountain-top rides on your electric mountain bikes. In addition to being one of the biggest ski areas in the world, the Portes du Soleil domain also has 37 paths suitable for mountain biking during the summer. These marked paths, set in the middle of nature, are spread out over no fewer than 186 miles. These slopes are accessible to all, from 14 years of age and for people taller than 4.9 ft. There are 12 charging stations available, so riders can recharge their electric bikes’ batteries for free. The paths are marked out according to their level of difficulty, so each rider can find the one best suited to them: easy, average, difficult or very difficult. If you are too tired to ride up, there are ski lifts available to help you out!

Specific passes and tools for roaming the mountains on an electric mountain bike

Several resorts offer passes enabling users to roam the mountains on their electric mountain bikes. Electric bikes are fairly expensive to buy, so you can rent one to ride around the mountain without spending all your money. The Portes du Soleil domain is perfect for a great mountain-top outing, whether you wish to do an hour of electric mountain biking, half a day or a full day. The domain counts 12 renowned resorts, with lots of places to rent an electric mountain bike and get great tips from professionals. Make the most of our attractive prices for a high-quality electric mountain bike fitted with 26-inch wheels, especially suited for mountain paths. All you need to do now is choose the ideal setting among the 12 resorts spread out over France and Switzerland! The Portes du Soleil domain set up a mobile application dedicated to electric mountain bike riders. It has all the necessary maps downloaded in it, so you get your bearings and access the secure paths. The application is compatible with iOS and Android, and also provides a weather forecast so you can plan your outing ahead and avoid the rain. Our Franco-Swiss domain offers flash sales and discounts all year round on lots of different activities, including mountain biking during the summer time. Several shops sell accessories that go with the colours of the Portes du Soleil, so mountain bike riders are well equipped to enjoy their stay in the mountains to the full. Go ahead and enjoy!