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The Inspire project is a series of portraits of Portes du Soleil enthusiasts.
Intimist & immersive, the series is designed as a collection of moments shared in the heart of the domain, as close as possible to the men and women who make the Portes du Soleil come alive. And who live them 100%.
Humans are honored with a real sense of authenticity.
Artists, sportsmen, artists, inventors, Inspire offers you a gallery of colorful & totally eclectic characters.
Their stories put end to end form a mosaic of human beings with stories that are sometimes touching, sometimes surprising, sometimes tragic, but always inspiring.
Why did you gather them in a series? What is it that links these people?
Their attachment to the Franco-Swiss territory of the Portes du Soleil, a deep anchorage in which they draw creativity, energy & strength.
Inspire, these are all singular stories that are all part of the great Portes du Soleil saga, a human and social adventure.
So breathe out, breathe in and discover how the Portes du Soleil DNA has influenced these extraordinary destinies!