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Between France and Switzerland

Our 5 Bikeparks

A paradise for mountain bikers

1 Pass, 5 Bikeparks, for all levels! Take advantage of the 22 lifts to cross the Franco-Swiss border and admire the incredible scenery on your way down. Some twenty Bike Patrols work daily on the facilities to ensure the safety and quality of the trails.


The basics



Helmets must be worn, with full-face helmets strongly recommended. Back protectors and/or chest protectors, knee/elbow pads and gloves are recommended.


Stay on the marked trails intended for bikepark users. Do not take shortcuts.

Respect private property and pastures.


Help lift personnel load and unload your bike. Remain vigilant and attentive, as users of the downhill bikepark have priority. Look both ways before entering a trail junction.

It’s essential to signal before overtaking, indicating on which side you wish to overtake.

Do not park on the course. Never stand in the middle of or behind a module – make sure you’re always visible.

Know your limits


Adapt your pace and choose trails according to your level:

EasyGreen trailGreen
MediumBlue trackBlue
DifficultRed trackRed
Very difficultBlack trackBlack
EliteBlack double trackBlack and white checkerboard


It’s imperative that you first identify the track at a moderate pace. This avoids accidents, stops on the track and damage to your equipment.

Yes, hello?


In the event of an accident, come to the aid of bikepatrols. Save emergency numbers and bikepatrols in your phone.


Bikepatrol Avoriaz

18 or 112 or 06 28 74 36 88

Bikepatrol Châtel

18 or 112 or 04 50 73 38 54 or 06 07 72 41 83

Bikepatrol Les Gets

18 or 112

Bikepatrol Morzine

18 or 112 or 04 50 79 00 38

Bikepatrol Dents du Midi region


Emergency numbers

FR : 112 / CH : 144


Discover all sectors

The Portes du Soleil consists of 12 resorts grouped into 5 internationally renowned Bike Parks. Here’s our guide to the Bike Parks, with the main features of each. The description is not exhaustive, and it’s best to forge your own experience by taking your spikes to the four corners of Switzerland and Haute Savoie, thanks to the Portes du Soleil mountain bike area. With the unique Portes du Soleil package, the 5 linked Bike Parks are all accessible via the 22 lifts open all summer long.