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Located at the entrance of the Dents du Midi region in Switzerland, in the canton of Valais, and only a short distance from the Abondance Valley, the resort of Morgins is home to world-renowned sports champions. The water is certainly a big part of it! Its virtuous source of the Eau Rouge, the Fontaines Blanches and the Fontaines Jaunes spring up from the earth in the valley of They, which is as magical under the snow as it is refreshing in the summer, in the shade of the spruce trees… Well, the Carillon pour la Paix (Chimes for Peace) is now ringing in the village!

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So close to the border and resolutely Valaisan, the resort of Morgins is the conviviality incarnate of its canton. Here, you can appreciate the life led by a “true” Morginois as you are welcomed with open arms. The restaurant owners are happy to serve quality food using (very) local products. Naturally, winter sports are part of the DNA of the inhabitants…

Whether you travel on skis, skins or snowshoes, the panoramas that stretch out before your eyes from the heights of Morgins are breathtaking. From the top of the Foilleuse, you can see the Cornettes de Bise – one of the highest points in the Abondance Valley – on one side and the majestic Dents du Midi on the other. Between forests and pastures, the ski slopes that open onto the Portes du Soleil and the Rando-Parc designed for ski touring, give the resort a hybrid character to satisfy all appetites for skiing!

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The Hérens cows have taken up residence at the They mountain pasture, the waters of the Vièze are free from the grip of the cold and the Christmas tunes have given way to the melodies of happiness played by the Carillon in the center of the village. Morgins is revealed in a new light for the summer season! Everyone enjoys the warm atmosphere of an authentic mountain village with Swiss chalets where it is good to be. Anyone who has been here will say it, Morgins, once you’ve had a taste of it, it’s hard to leave it behind…

After taking the Foilleuse lift, the most seasoned mountain bikers can let off the brakes at the Bikepark or ride the Grand 8 loop on an E-bike under the benevolent gaze of the surrounding peaks. Of course, mountain biking is king in Morgins… But the walks and hikes around the Pointe de Bellevue offer a 360° view of Lake Geneva and the Rhone plain alongside the Dents du Midi. The valley of They is the perfect place for picnics and the temptation of lapping in the water of the Vièze for the youngest. The colorful landscapes invite you to relax, lulled by the murmur of springs and torrents…