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Have fun without skiing

In the Portes du Soleil

Because there’s more to life than skiing

In addition to the pleasures of skiing, there are 1001 reasons to go to the mountains in winter.
The scenery is there, nature invites you to open your eyes wide, to try new experiences by day, by night, in the air or under the ice… Find the activity that will become the must of your stay in the snow

The mountain offers us the scenery... it's up to us to write the story that goes with it!

What can we add to that except that each of the 12 resorts of the Portes du Soleil offers a multitude of unusual and original activities to enrich your stay in the mountains and make it unique! Diving under the ice, stepping into the void, hurtling down the slopes on a mountain bike or discovering the verticality of frozen waterfalls … Experiences

rich in emotions to forge lasting memories.



Our selection of non-skiing activities

Gone are the days when the success of a week in winter sports was measured by the number of hours spent on the ski boards. Whether it was windy, snowy, or visibility was reduced to nothing by persistent stratus, you had to ski. Even lunch time was at a premium.

You now aspire to discover the mountain in a different way, to fill up on new sensations and unusual experiences for even more fun. We think you’re right. So let us introduce you to a selection of off-ski experiences offered by the 12 resorts of the French-Swiss Portes du Soleil ski area.

Trust us, our recommendations will make your stay in the mountains unforgettable.