Village Champery Cp Jbbieuville (19)a little bit upper in the village of Champéry with a nice view.
©a little bit upper in the village of Champéry with a nice view.|JB Bieuville


The first Valais Olympic site in the heart of the Région Dents du Midi, the village of Champéry is rich with a centuries-old tourist heritage. Indeed, at the beginning of the 20th century, English visitors staying in the village, imported curling. Today, the icy slopes of the Palladium sports center are trodden by the greatest champions of the discipline. Moreover, the picturesque Rue du Village gives Champéry its typical Swiss character, lined with its chalets several hundred years old.

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Champéry in summer

a Bikepark

at the top

From the village Champérolain dominated by the majestic Dents du Midi, it is easy to imagine the attraction of the peaks for the mountaineers of the early 20th century, pioneers of the discipline. It is like a wind of discovery here! Starting point of the Tour des Dents du Midi, Champéry is full of secret places that are just waiting to be revealed… In mountain biking, it is moreover here that a legendary trail was born…

The thrill-seekers get on their bikes to take the cable car that gives access to the developed trails of the Bikepark also counting the resorts of Crosets and Morgins. The more adventurous try the World Cup downhill track, the others choose the detour via Grand-Paradis, on the Portes du Soleil Mountain Bike Tour. As for the hikers, they have found the perfect start to explore the surrounding mountains as well as the must-see places such as the Anthème lake or the Barme plateau nestled between the Dents du Midi and the Dents Blanches – a place where time seems to stand still… Champéry is finally the perfect alliance between traditions and modernity.

Champéry in winter

a Grand-Paradis

under the Dents du Midi


From the fairy-tale Rue du Village to the polar-like Grand-Paradis plateau, the magic of winter certainly originates in Champéry.

At the foot of the Dents du Midi, raising your eyes to the sky is like watching the Croix-de-Culet or scrutinizing the Haute-Cime, over which winter has drawn its thick white curtain. After the wonder, it’s finally time to go and enjoy an alpine raclette by the fire…

From the village, the red cable car of the Croix-de-Culet drops skiers in a few minutes on the slopes, heading to the Portes du Soleil domain to escape to wide open spaces! From up there, the Dents du Midi and the Dents Blanches seem within reach… If you like technical and demanding slopes, you can challenge yourself to cross the famous “Swiss Wall” … 1 km long and ungroomed with a gradient of more than 70%, this slope is known to be one of the most difficult in the world and is reserved for experts who are not afraid of the cold… Adrenaline guaranteed!