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The must-see mountain bike event!

Pass'Portes du Soleil

The Pass’Portes du Soleil is an invitation to discover the Portes du Soleil area through a variety of day tours: mountain biking, eVTT, pedestrian and kids. Participants can sign up on the day of their choice (Friday, Saturday or Sunday), but can also set off from one of the various starting stations on offer. This mountain event offers a unique experience in the heart of our Franco-Swiss domain, with its local refreshments and sumptuous scenery.

Next edition

June 28 to 30, 2024

Mountain Bike Show in Châtel

The Pass’Portes du Soleil invites you to discover the Portes du Soleil area through a variety of day rides: Mountain Bike, eVTT, Gravel, Pedestrian, Kids. This event, which takes place from June 28 to 30, 2024, offers you a unique experience in the heart of our Franco-Swiss domain. In addition to the convivial and gourmet rides, we’re offering a Mountain Bike Show in Châtel, where you can test and discover the latest in bikes and accessories.

A huge playground to explore

The Pass’Portes du Soleil allows you to discover the different resorts of the Portes du Soleil, whether you’re on a mountain bike, eVTT or gravel. A Kids course, supervised by qualified instructors, also offers younger riders the chance to take part in the event. Local specialities will be served at the various refreshment points to tantalize your taste buds as you discover our Franco-Swiss region.

Pass'Portes du Soleil 2024 - Teaser
Pass'Portes du Soleil 2024 - Teaser
Pass'Portes du Soleil 2024 - Teaser

More than just a mountain bike event

The secret ingredients of Pass'Portes
NEW 2023Pass'Portes Gravel

This year, for the 19th edition of the Pass’Portes du Soleil, we’re offering a new experience. Come and try out gravel in the mountains: a change of scenery and wonder guaranteed!

This brand-new route will let you discover another facet of our domain, through roads and trails we’ve selected with care.

MOUNTAIN BIKE SHOWRendezvous in Châtel

La Pass’Portes is also the ideal opportunity to discover the latest innovations. The biggest bike and accessory brands will be at the Morzine mountain bike show for the duration of the event (free admission)!

Test the bike of your dreams? It’s possible at the show! Dedicated trails will let you test the latest mountain bikes, eVTTs and gravels.

A responsible eventCharter of ecological commitments

Because nature is our playground, we seek to preserve it by taking action to reduce the ecological footprint of the Pass’Portes du Soleil MTB and raise awareness among participants.

We have set up a charter presenting the 10 key ecological commitments of the Pass’Portes du Soleil MTB divided into 4 categories: Route, Refreshment, Transport and Ethics.

“The Pass’Portes is always an opportunity to ride with friends, discover new places, have fun on the bike and at the refreshment stands, all without the pressure of a stopwatch.”

Vojo Magazine

More about Pass'Portes

To find out more, visit the official event website!


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