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Freeride skiing in the Portes du Soleil :

Off the beaten track

Freeride… a way for even the most seasoned skiers to explore infinite new horizons. Untouched slopes and adrenalin-packed descents that make the hearts of thrill-seekers beat faster. The Portes du Soleil area, with its snow-covered peaks as far as the eye can see, its wild slopes and unspoilt valleys, offers skiers an ideal off-piste playground.

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Our Freeride Partner

Pistes, Rando, Freeride, Freestyle, the Portes du Soleil offers world-famous spots in all these disciplines: the Stash, the Mur Suisse, the Dents du Midi or the backcountry spot on the Col de Cou. A terrain that puts Movement skis to the test.

Our landscapes


Each descent becomes a unique adventure, a dance with the mountain, where your skis trace ephemeral lines on a coat of fresh powder. “La Peuf”

At Portes du Soleil, we also take freeriding to heart, and our area hides some superb spots that are often featured in films and videos.

Being prepared and aware of risks


Beware of slippery ground!



Avalanches are a serious threat. The changing nature of snow and weather conditions can trigger these phenomena. Avalanches are unfortunately unpredictable, but there are measures in place to prevent them as far as possible. Resorts have experienced teams dedicated to analyzing weather conditions and snow quality. These teams set up avalanche risk indicators on a daily basis, to reduce the risk as much as possible. There is also a range of equipment and techniques to help you avoid avalanches.

Oops… It’s a cliff!


The pitch

Rough terrain and the presence of crevasses or rock bars hidden beneath the snow increase the risk of falls and serious injury. The slightest error in estimating snow conditions or choosing a route can lead to dangerous consequences. The risks of becoming trapped, encountering unexpected obstacles or getting lost require constant vigilance and adequate preparation. Being aware of these dangers and taking adequate safety measures is essential to minimizing risk and getting the most out of off-piste.

Don’t worry, red slopes don’t scare me!


The level

It’s also essential to have a good level of skiing, master the basics of ski technique and be comfortable on all types of snow. Off-piste snow is sometimes difficult to ski for beginners and amateurs, and a fall can be fatal.

Slide freely

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Essential equipment

The right equipment is mandatory when you go off-piste. Here’s what you’ll need before venturing out:

Basic equipment (Jacket, pants, gloves, helmet and goggles designed for skiing or snowboarding)

Safety equipment (DVA or ARVA, snow shovel, probe and preferably an airbag)

Some equipment or textiles are now fitted with the Recco system, enabling pisteurs at all resorts to detect you through the snow. However, this system does not replace wearing a DVA or ARVA.

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