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Ski touring in the Portes du Soleil :


Want to discover new landscapes? Want to ski in total freedom? Or simply explore a new way of skiing? Come and try ski touring in the Portes du Soleil! From wilderness to marked trails, the Portes du Soleil offers a complete playground for ski touring.

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Piste, Rando, Freeride, Freestyle, the Portes du Soleil offers world-famous spots in all these disciplines: the Stash, the Mur Suisse, the Dents du Midi or the backcountry spot on the Col de Cou. A terrain where Movement skis are put to the test.

Our landscapes

Ski touring

An experience in communion with our mountains. Access the inaccessible: hidden landscapes in the Portes du Soleil, dreamy spots with untouched snowfields, or wildlife exiled deep in our mountains.

Ski touring is first and foremost an adventure. Some prefer it as a sport, others use it to discover new horizons.

Ski touring


Routes in Morgins

by movement


Rando Parc, Ski in freedom in the very first Valais Rando-Parc! In December 2016, Morgins announced the creation of Valais’ very first “Rando-Parc”. A few hours of signposting and dozens of centimetres of snow later, the Portes du Soleil resort is now ready to welcome its first ski tourers.

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Discovering new horizons

Rando Parc Cp Etienne Claret (19)Rando Parc Cp Etienne Claret (19)
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Essential equipment

The right equipment is necessary when you go ski touring. Here’s an overview of the equipment before you venture out:

Basic equipment (Jacket, pants, gloves, helmet and goggles designed for skiing)

Specific equipment (Skis fitted with bindings designed for rando, skins and ski boots suitable for rando)

Safety equipment (avalanche transceiver or ARVA, snow shovel, probe and preferably airbag)

Depending on your level or approach to ski touring, the equipment may vary. There’s lighter and lighter equipment, and more and more pleasant descents. It’s up to you to create your own image of ski touring! Whether it’s for smashing uphill records, exploring wilderness areas or planning descents in untouched snowfields.


Rando films

Film show
Rando-Parc Movement in Morgins
Rando-Parc Movement in Morgins
Les Dents du Midi
Les Dents du Midi
Our Third and last Couloir on Les Dents du Midi | LA FORTERESSE - Short Ski Movie
Accompanied adventure with Jacky Pochon (guide)
Accompanied adventure with Jacky Pochon (guide)
L'histoire d'un guide Suisse - Jacky POCHON [INSPIRE #12]