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Potter and shepherdessAnouk Bonhomme

Anouk Bonhomme

an ode to craftsmanship

Anouk turns and shapes all kinds of bowls, pitchers, plates, cups, etc., while her sister Nathalie subtly decorates each object with fine lines. A true team effort, where the combination of the two skills gives birth to unique pieces, in the image of their creators. Softness, freshness and simplicity, with a touch of naiveté.

Published on 5 October 2023
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Anouk Bonhomme

A potter and shepherdess in Les Gets, Anouk and her sister Nathalie can be found at the Lassare farm.

We speak of


Anouk Bonhomme practices this art in the village of Les Gets. Mastering the alchemy of hands and clay, she transforms this material into sumptuous pottery, veritable jewels destined to enhance your home.

Potière et Bergère - Anouk BONHOMME [INSPIRE #10]
Potière et Bergère - Anouk BONHOMME [INSPIRE #10]
Potière et Bergère - Anouk BONHOMME [INSPIRE #10]

Episode 10

Anouk Bonhomme

Inspire by Les Portes du Soleil

Fresh, naive and poetic, enter the world of Anouk, a potter and shepherdess in Les Gets. An ode to craftsmanship.


Anouk Bonhomme

the portrait

Anouk Bonhomme is a potter and shepherdess. From her workshop in aux Gets (or rather their workshop, since she works in duo with her sister Nathalie), it’s just a short step to the sheepfold. This is the Lassare farm, located high up in the Alps, just a stone’s throw from the center of the famous Portes du Soleil resort. An unavoidable stopover on the way to Mont Chéry, we’re here at an altitude of over 1,300 metres, in a bucolic setting full of charm. In the midst of an omnipresent nature that inspires and invites us to pause for a moment, we sometimes come across Anouk’s lambs who fearlessly visit the family store. Of course, this privileged environment contributes every day to sharpening the creative spirit of the two sisters.

Anouk’s story is full of meaning. The shepherdess-potter is one of those multi-skilled mountain workers who are very attached to their land, and who have managed to maintain a balance between an inherited pastoral activity and the development of another profession. Part of his work is seasonal and nomadic, enabling him to maintain a close relationship with his animals and mountain nature. The other part, more sedentary and manual, favors union with the earth element. Ultimately, these two professions are a way for the Gêtoise to make the most of what Nature has to offer, skilfully moving from matter to the living world, or vice-versa.

Between the mountain pasture and the workshop

A history of


Anouk was born into a farming family, and learned the breeding trade naturally from her father. Lambs and heifers hold no secrets for her. By taking her animals out to pasture, she is able to enjoy the freedom of her favorite mountain spots and easily recharge her batteries in the fresh mountain air. As for her passion for pottery, it suddenly appeared in her teens. While attending an old crafts fair, she was immediately fascinated by the beauty and magic of the master potters’ gestures. From that moment on, Anouk began turning and has never stopped.

The last word.

Soothing, relaxing, her approach to pottery takes on a meditative form, focused on the sense of touch. At the rhythm of the wheel, she lets instinct mingle with technique, gradually transforming the raw material into elegant pottery.