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Swiss mountaineer and guideJacky Pochon

Jacky Pochon

Swiss mountain enthusiast.

A mountain guide with La Compagnie des guides et accompagnateurs de Champéry, Jacky inspires us. This is the story of a man who was able to contemplate the view from the top of the Portes du Soleil’s most beautiful peaks. Let us guide you through this Swiss man’s journey.

Published on 24 January 2024
Jacky Pochon

A mountain guide, ski instructor and expedition leader, Jacky is a true Swiss Army knife who will help you discover the mountains in summer and winter alike.

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Mountain guide

Thanks to their state-approved diplomas, these people are present in our mountains to guide you on your outings in Haute and Moyenne Montage, and to do so in complete safety. Learn more about fauna, flora and mountain safety from these guides.

L'histoire d'un guide Suisse - Jacky POCHON [INSPIRE #12]
L'histoire d'un guide Suisse - Jacky POCHON [INSPIRE #12]
L'histoire d'un guide Suisse - Jacky POCHON [INSPIRE #12]

Episode 14

Jacky Pochon

Inspire by Les Portes du Soleil

It’s the story of a kid whose eyes are always on the summits. Today, we’re inspired by Jacky Pochon, a Swiss mountain enthusiast.


Jacky Pochon

the portrait

It’s well known that the inaccessible fascinates, and at the age of 13, you can’t wait to defy the forbidden and finally experience adventure.

Then one day, it all clicked. Jacky plucked up the courage to follow in the footsteps of his idols, the mountaineering legends who, at the time, were making the front page of Paris Match and the headlines of Le Temps, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Le Monde and Corriere della Sera…

A first peak!

A sense of wonder, the imperishable memory of having reached the apex & contemplating the surrounding landscapes, but above all the feeling of fulfillment that accompanies those who have discovered their vocation:

“I belonged!

After years of epic “committed” mountaineering, Jacky now speaks the language of all good mountaineers, i.e. those who are still around to talk about it.

The call of the mountains

some climbs

HIS challenges

These mountains are both attractive and intimidating when seen from the valley.

To achieve his dream, Jacky realizes he’s going to have to train hard. He passes his guidebook. Then came the time for exploits inspired by the greats. He’s going to open winter itineraries. And to start with, what better challenge than to carve out new lines in the mountains above Champéry? The Dents du Midi.

  • Winter debut on the NE spur of the Cime de l’Est!
  • First winter traverse of the Dents du Midi!

No harness, ropes still made of hemp – in short, more than rudimentary equipment with which you wouldn’t even dare do a via ferrata today.

It builds character!

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The last word.

And Jacky concludes with this cryptic phrase: “The most beautiful summit is the next one…