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Lil 'Stash

In search of the yeti snowrider
Ecological Snowpark

The Lil’Stash is an enchanted forest where little Shreddie hides. Perched cabins and barbecues, but also hanging walkways, slides, ropes, sculptures and games in the heart of the Proclou forest.

An enchanted forest

To discover freestyle

Little brother of the STASH, the Lil’Stash is a snowpark adapted for children. It is the ideal place to learn to slide and discover the first sensations of freestyle. The green slope of the Proclou at the start of the Falaise district offers a wide slope for beginners on one side and a playful area on the other.

Woops (snow waves), small kickers (bumps), slides and boxes (freestyle modules) at ground level allow for a smooth and controlled learning process.

Where can you find giant mushrooms, slides, small kickers and suspended walkways? In the enchanted forest of Lil’Stash, kingdom of Shreddie, a kind yeti who does everything possible to introduce children to freestyle! In this ecological snowpark designed from local wood, everything is conducive to gentle learning, so that budding riders enjoy real sensations in complete safety, in the heart of the Proclou forest.

Shreddie's cabins

In the middle of the trail, a wooden bridge leads into the heart of the Proclou Forest. The wooden sculptures line the trail between giant mushrooms and fantastic creatures straight out of the world of Shreddie.

  • Shreddie, who is he?Half beastor, half eagle and half gorgonian, thanks to his powerful jaw, he carves trees to make modules and huts in the forests of Avoriaz 1800.
  • How old is Shreddie? Shreddie celebrated his 10th birthday in February 2018 at a big party with his friends in the Lil’Stash.
  • What is his favorite hobby? Shreddie is a great snowboarder and mountain biker, he is the one who gives weird names to modules. Whoops / Box / Rail / Wall…

Shreddie, he is the master of the place, a nice yeti who lives in the perched cabins. A big fan of snowboarding, it’s not uncommon to run into him, he happily shares the place: his slide, his banana swing or his gas barbecue in self-service. A perfect place for a picnic!

The essential

Live this experience
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Picnic area
Gas barbecue


Free access to the snowpark from the Proclou green run for holders of a Portes du Soleil or Avoriaz ski pass.

LIL'STASH, the best barbecue spot in Avoriaz 1800
LIL'STASH, the best barbecue spot in Avoriaz 1800

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