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Mountain Kart

In Saint Jean d'Aulps

Frosty Tricycle by night
Alerte bolide !Moutain Kart 3,2,1…let’s go for a crazy descent of the Roc d’Enfer domain in Mountain Kart ! In a playful or competitive spirit, get behind the handlebars of these 3-wheeled cars without engine and hurtle down the 800m of vertical drop and 4km with family or friends.Strong sensations guaranteed for an activity 100%, fun!”

Frosted Tricycle

3,2,1… let’s go for a crazy descent of the Roc d’Enfer domain in a mountain kart! It’s night time in Saint-Jean-d’Aulps, and the 3 rubber wheels of your machine propel you at full speed on the secure track, which is entirely reserved for you. 800 m of difference in altitude for 4 km of descent: extreme sensations guaranteed for this outdoor activity without engine and 100% pleasure! Challenge your friends and family without delay, because mountain karting is accessible to all!


Live this experience

Price: 24€ per descent

Limited places. Reservation by phone strongly advised.

No karting on 14 February 2023


During the school holidays :

Monday – Tuesday – Thursday

Out of holidays :

Tuesday – Saturday

Timetable :

Until Friday 3 February: last gondola ride 4.15pm, gondola closes 4.30pm, departure from the plateau 5pm

From Saturday 4 February: last gondola lift at 4.45pm, gondola closes at 5pm, departure from the plateau at 5.30pm


Wear a helmet (we can lend you one on request at the lift ticket office)

Wear shoes suitable for mountain walking

Respect the equipment and the instructions given by the staff

Be at least 1.35m tall

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In addition to the pleasures of skiing, there are 1001 reasons to go to the mountains in winter.
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