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in Avoriaz 1800


Ancient discipline consisting of being pulled on skis by a horse, ski joëring is made for animal lovers eager for thrills. The speeds reached are impressive and you have to know how to let go to fully enjoy it.

The perfect mix between skiing and riding

Walk, trot, and even gallop… Behind the horse that pulls you mane in the wind with enthusiasm, you experience a new form of sliding and thrilling sensations thanks to skijoring!

Coming from the Nordic countries, this sport is practiced on groomed tracks in Avoriaz 1800. Mixing horse-drawn carriage and ski, it is accessible to all, children and adults, knowing how to hold their skis parallel!

The essential

Live this experience
Strong sensationsUnique experience!

Ski joëring combines the pleasure of sliding and the contact with horses. Activity in Avoriaz 1800

Avoriaz ski-joëringwelcomes you

Ski-joëring session all season on reservation, depending on snow conditions

Duration 1h
Rate : Ride (1h) : 60€ / Confirmed (1h) : 90€.
From 7 years old


Good to know!

No need to be a great skier or even a rider, knowing how to hold your skis parallel is enough!

Initiation to Ski Joëring

Between friends

Discovery of this original practice (ski pulled by a horse), the organizer was very nice, competitive rate because organized by the tourist office. I highly recommend it!

Ceciledgs – TripAdvisor review

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Avoriaz 1800

Located on a south-facing plateau at an altitude of 1800m overlooking the Morzine valley, the ski resort of Avoriaz bewitches with its magic from the very first glance thanks to the wood that elegantly dresses each residence, each chalet. It is also a resort full of activities for your summer vacations!”

So welcome elsewhere, welcome to Avoriaz.


Have fun without skiing

In addition to the pleasures of skiing, there are 1001 reasons to go to the mountains in winter.
The scenery is there, nature invites you to open your eyes wide, to try new experiences by day, by night, in the air or under the ice… Find the activity that will become the must of your stay in the snow