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The Portes du Soleil region is brimming with mountain lakes. These stretches of pure, refreshing water can become so many hiking objectives.
When they appear at the bend in a path, we are subjugated by the palette of colors they offer us, by the freshness they exude.
This is the opportunity for a well-deserved break.
Once the bag has been lifted from bruised shoulders, feet refreshed and massaged by the regenerating wave, we can let ourselves go and admire the reflection of the surrounding peaks in the crystalline surface of these mountain lakes.

Follow us, we’ll show you the most remarkable ones as well as some great hiking ideas to get there!


Lac de Tavaneuse

Lac de Tavaneuse is a pearl of the Chablais region that has to be earned.
At the end of a beautiful hike, this high-altitude marvel will guarantee freshness and tranquillity.
Dominated by the eponymous Pic, this beautiful mountain can be a great goal for the most motivated! The lake has a lot to do with it



Lac des Plagnes

Nested in the heart of a verdant expanse and easily reached by car, Lac des Plagnes embodies a favorite destination for hiking enthusiasts, anglers and nature lovers alike. It serves as the starting point for a multitude of walks, revealing the valley’s abundant natural treasures, including a vast forest, varied wildlife, waterfalls and many other wonders. In a drive of less than 10 minutes from the center of the village of Abondance, you can reach this spot, where free parking awaits.

To quench your thirst or opt for an overnight stay in the mountains, the refuge des Tindérêts is about an hour’s walk away. Close to the lake, you’ll also discover two restaurants, as well as picnic areas, offering the opportunity to quench your thirst and enjoy a meal in the heart of this mountain setting.


Lac Vert

Lac Vert has been a summer pasture for shepherds for centuries. The tinkling of the sheep’s bells provides relaxation and serenity.

Located at an altitude of 1980m close to the Franco-Swiss border, Lac Vert is one of the most beautiful excursions in the Portes du Soleil area.

The magic and calm of this magnificent spot make it a popular destination for hikers. Unspoilt, it reflects its surroundings, the hues of the sky and diffuses a soothing silence. What could be more pleasant after a long hike in heavy boots, than to refresh your feet in the clear water?

A true haven of peace, just a stone’s throw from the mythical Col des Portes du Soleil, which overlooks the incredible ski area of the same name.

Good to know: fishing permits on sale at the Chésery refuge and the possibility of shortening the route by using the ski lifts.


Lac de Vonnes

At 1 km from the village center, the lakeside area is ideal for walks, bike rides, stroller rides… There’s also a children’s playground.
The lake was created in 1974 at an altitude of 1300 m in a natural wetland area, and is fed by the Vonnes stream from the Pas de Morgins (Switzerland). In early July 2000, Lac de Vonnes saw the commissioning of a water jet. This water jet, a veritable giant fountain, rises to a height of 40 meters.

The emblematic site of Châtel since its creation fifty years ago, Lac de Vonnes will undergo a complete redevelopment during 2023.



Lac de la Mouille

Located in Super-Châtel in a magnificent setting at an altitude of 1650m, this 2ha, 6m-deep lake is accessible on foot, by an easy walk (50mn), or by the Super-Châtel cable car (July and August).
Sport fishing only with whipped flies and “No Kill”.
Maximum of two hooks per line, barbs prohibited.
Checks may be carried out.
Fish stocks: fario, brook salmon, blue, minnow (from 5 to 80 cm).
You can follow this up with the neighboring Swiss lake of Conche


La Chapelle d’Abondance

Lac d’Arvouin

Accessible after a hike between limestone cliffs and alpine pastures, Lac d’Arvouin is the must-see lake in the Vallée d’Abondance! (Warning: pronounce without the “V”)

Les Gets

Lac des Ecoles

The Lac de baignade des Écoles stands out as one of Les Gets’ iconic spots, an ideal place for families in search of entertainment. This leisure area brings together everything you need to enjoy an idyllic day out in nature: a vast grassy beach, free-access barbecue facilities, a slide, a Wibit park (inflatable games on water), multi-purpose and beach volleyball courts, fitness equipment, ping-pong tables, as well as recreational play areas.

Children will have the opportunity to safely enjoy aquatic fun, with part of the lake supervised by lifeguards. Meanwhile, you can relax on the vast expanses of lawn bordering the lake. The icing on the cake: a giant waterslide to delight the younger guests!


Lac de Morgins

Situated at an altitude of 1369 meters, the present-day lake is a remnant of an ancient glacial lake.

Today, the lake offers a stretch of water bordered to the south by an area of wet vegetation and low marshes. This ecosystem is listed in the federal inventory of national breeding sites for amphibians. The whole area is surrounded by spruce forests and pastures. This romantic spot is ideal for contemplation and relaxation.

From the shores of the lake, you can admire a magnificent panorama of the peaks of the Dents du Midi. The themed water and environment trail linking Lac de Vonnes (FR) and Lac de Morgins is embellished with a dozen panels in the shape of a drop of water, symbolizing the friendly ties between France and Switzerland.


Lac de Montriond

Superb body of water nestled at the foot of immense cliffs, Lac de Montriond, also known as the Green Lake, amazes young and old alike with its idyllic atmosphere and the serenity it inspires.

Lac de Montriond is now a vast playground, for the enjoyment of all.
In summer, an area set aside for swimming enchants the little ones. They can also enjoy pony rides, try their hand at canoeing or paddling, or take advantage of the new mini-golf course… As for the older ones, they love to walk around it and appreciate the calm of this intoxicating nature.

Lake Montriond is also a real gem for all fishing enthusiasts. It’s teeming with fario and rainbow trout, Arctic char and minnows! Fishing here is regulated, so enthusiasts will have to wait until the snow melts to unearth these treasures.


Lac des Mines d’or

The Lac des Mines d’Or offers an incredible setting. Between alpine meadows and conifers, enjoy the varied views of the tête de Bostan, famous for its “Rouleau”, an astonishing onion-peel fold of rock, or the cliffs of the pointe de Nyon. An ideal spot for a picnic!
Accessible by hike, car or bike.

Val d’Illiez

Lac de Soi

Lac de Soi is a little paradise perched at the foot of the beautiful Dents du Midi, and more particularly at the foot of the Eperon, Cathédrale and Dent Jaune. We’re here in what’s commonly known as the “Bas-Valais”.
Lac de Soi: when a mountain lake becomes a work of Land-Art
It’s not often the case, but here human intervention has really helped to make the place resolutely unique. Over 30 years ago, Jean-Marie showed this place to his brother Marcel, and that first visit marked the beginning of what might be called a life’s work. It was in 1989 that the two Cherix brothers built the first small cairn facing the small lake… Then, little by little, they came back and tirelessly continued to build again and again. For their work, they use only stones found on site. At first, the area around Lac de Soi looked like a huge scree, but over the years it has become a natural tableau.

Val d’Illiez

Lacs d’Antème

A spectacular cliff path in the Galerie Défago leads to these idyllic mountain lakes in unspoilt natural surroundings. A welcoming mountain hut awaits you. The janitor will be delighted to show you the discovery trail near the lakes.