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Wooden skis made in MorzineGUILLAUME BRON

Guillaume Bron

the combination of two passions: Wood and Ski

The charm of an exclusively handmade production respecting the slightest wishes of the customers. The scent of ash, a local wood, and the unique know-how of this mountain man, who is also a ski instructor, will transport visitors into a unique atmosphere, where time seems to stand still.

Published on 18 January 2023
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Guillaume Bron

Guillaume, a carpenter, is the head of Bout de Bois, a local artisanal company that manufactures fully customizable wooden skis.

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Handcrafted skis

The Bron family shares a common point with wood, a material they have been shaping for 3 generations: strong local roots.

Des skis artisanaux en bois - Guillaume BRON [INSPIRE #2]
Des skis artisanaux en bois - Guillaume BRON [INSPIRE #2]
Des skis artisanaux en bois - Guillaume BRON [INSPIRE #2]

Episode 2


Inspire by Les Portes du Soleil

Originally from Morzine, Guillaume talks in this episode about what led him to develop his own brand of skis. The simple and pure desire to please people by using his areas of expertise.



the portrait

As an instructor, Guillaume has skied countless pairs of skis. His touch of snow allows him to have a very precise idea of the sensations that good skis should provide.

From the outset, it was obvious that he would create skis made to cross the borders of the Portes du Soleil domain, slalom between the trees of the Morzine forests and even jump rocky bars. Skis made to be ridden, then.


It has been able to grow and develop to reach its objective: to ski its own skis made in Morzine and to make them discoverable to the lovers of beautiful material.




We are far from the decorative wooden ski to which some still confine the slats made in this material. Between the idea and the realization, there is often an abyss that he knew to cross by dint of tests, work and passion.

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The last word.

Believe us, these skis are far from being just a piece of wood.