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Director, cameramanJulien Roserens

Julien Roserens

the director of the extreme

A former chemist, the narrowness of the laboratory walls quickly became too oppressive for Julien Roserens. The memories of his first encounters with the mountain world came back: a childhood sublimated by countless hikes around the Dents du Midi with his father.

Published on 4 January 2023
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Julien Roserens

Julien ROSERENS is a film director, cameraman and snow sports enthusiast. He has produced many films on mountain sports for international productions. Living in Troistorrents in Switzerland, Julien is a nature lover able to share his passion through his lens.

We talk about

Slide films

A camera (often more than a camera…), snow and riders ! These films make us dream, Julien Roserens makes us dream !

Réalisateur de l'extrême ! - Julien ROSERENS [INSPIRE #1]
Réalisateur de l'extrême ! - Julien ROSERENS [INSPIRE #1]
Réalisateur de l'extrême ! - Julien ROSERENS [INSPIRE #1]

Episode 1

Julien Roserens

Inspire by Les Portes du Soleil

Julien inspires us and makes us dream through his achievements. Follow his story and discover the backstage of his greatest films.


Julien Roserens

the portrait

First in the field and then behind the set-up to produce his work. Self-taught first and with the feeling of being in the right place at the right time, he can soak up the best. Absinthe productions and the spots of Col de Cou / Pointe de l’Au are then the epicenter of the snowboard planet.

A teenage years marked by the discovery of the snowboard culture. Rebellious, dynamic and creative at a time when everything had yet to be invented.

A perfect discipline for a curious teenager on a mission: to transcribe the festive & funky atmosphere of 90’s snowboarding practiced in the insane setting of the Portes du Soleil.

As he says himself, “it’s snowboarding that led me there” to become an independent director.

SHELTER - Full Movie
SHELTER  - Full Movie
SHELTER - Full Movie


Breathtaking projects

to take your breath away!

Julien met the best. Among them, Mat Schaer. With this ultra-talented snowboarder, he will make an inspiring transition! The transition from a pure performance oriented practice and imagery to a more aspirational and responsible message: high level can be practiced close to home while respecting the planet. We let you discover the result Shelter.

See also

The last word.

After viewing these creations, such as his masterpiece Shelter, we’re sure you’ll be one of the 100 (0000) people Julien & his crew made change.