in the mountains in the Portes du Soleil

There are several ways to practice yoga in the Portes du Soleil.

Namaste, mountains!

Yoga hike Cornettes de Bise, Abray trail, or Arvouin glacial valley, it doesn’t matter which (magnificent) destinations your guide Lalie takes you to, what counts is the way to get there. Here, it is enamelled with yoga exercises, speciality of this guide like no other. Breathe, admire the spectacular mountainous setting that surrounds you, and be present to the world during this gentle and invigorating walk.

at the lake of Vonnes

Outdoor Yoga

Like a mirror, the still surface of the lake reflects the silhouettes of the chalets and the snow-covered fir trees. In this magical setting, nature envelops you with its quiet strength, and helps you recharge your batteries during an outdoor yoga session at an altitude of 1300 meters! The clear atmosphere and the unique location are the promise of a session with a unique atmosphere, in the heart of the preserved environment of the lake of Vonnes.

The essential

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Yoga hike

> Teacher: Lalie Chochon
> Duration: about 2h30
> Fee: 20 € / person

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Yoga at Lake Vonnes

> Subject to favorable weather conditions
> Duration 55 minutes
> Fee €10

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Snowshoeing and Yoga

> By reservation on Sunday
> Starting at 8:30am
> Duration 4h
> Rate 50€

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Flexible snowshoes

Snowshoe hiking and yoga Snowshoes on your feet, it all starts on this Sunday morning with a leisurely hike, with the snowy summit of Mont Blanc in focus. This invigorating trek to Mont Caly allows the crisp air to oxygenate your lungs, and the bright light to make you look good, while your worries melt away. This is followed by a dynamic yoga session performed in the wilderness, which is the perfect opportunity to work on your flexibility, and start the day on the right foot.

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Have fun without skiing

In addition to the pleasures of skiing, there are 1001 reasons to go to the mountains in winter.

The scenery is there, nature invites you to open your eyes wide, to try new experiences by day, by night, in the air or under the ice… Find the activity that will become the must-do of your stay in the snow