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Seytroux’s “wolves” game

Sport, Pedestrian sports, Hide and seek/treasure hunt in Seytroux
  • Seytroux's wolves is a fun and educational walk, with simple signposting along the way. Find out the identity of Seytroux's wolves: were they firefighters, babies, residents of shepherds?

  • Seytroux’s Wolves explorer trail: the route is dotted with interactive information posts for you to do on your own, with your family or in a group. Suitable for over 5-year-olds. Equipped with your game book and fact sheets, simply follow the makers which will lead you to information posts which have vital information that will help you to solve the mystery identity of “Seytroux’s wolves”.
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    MULTI PASS REDUCTION | solve the riddle ‘who are the Loup's of Seytroux?’ | 50% discount on the kit on presentation of the Multi Pass
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    • Pets welcome