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For as long as she can remember, Lalie has loved being outdoors, roaming the great outdoors and being in harmony with the wilderness that surrounds her.

Published on 17 July 2023
Lalie Chochon

A city child, it was during her first family outings that she realized just how fascinating and attractive the mountain environment was. An attraction so great that she chose to live there all the time, first as a mountain guide, then as a yoga teacher.

We speak of

Yoga in the mountains

An essential discipline for working the body and freeing the mind through physical exercise, relaxation and letting go, yoga has become an obvious complementary activity to her job as a tour leader. In the heart of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Portes du Soleil, all the conditions are right for a fun learning experience.

Le Yoga en montagne - Lalie CHOCHON [INSPIRE #8]
Le Yoga en montagne - Lalie CHOCHON [INSPIRE #8]
Le Yoga en montagne - Lalie CHOCHON [INSPIRE #8]

Episode 8

Lalie Chochon

Inspire by Les Portes du Soleil

Lalie is a beautiful person who loves above all else to share:

  • Her sincere love for nature in the majestic setting of the Vallée d’Abondance.
  • Her passion for yoga and the well-being this practice brings her.

So #inspire, exhale and let it carry you


Lalie Chochon

the portrait

Resourcing in nature, developing harmony with the environment, seeking physical and inner well-being thanks to the mountains, this quest for balance also led Lalie to practice yoga and teach it today.

Yoga, a discipline for reaching the summit. By communicating with the relief, natural landscapes and invigorating air, the mountains are a formidable tool for boosting your zen-attitude to the summit.
Here, combinations of postures and the art of meditation are performed in total harmony with Mother Nature.

The mountains, a place to awaken the senses

The spotlight

The Abondance Valley

Summer or winter, Lalie offers individual or group outings in the most beautiful corners of the Vallée d’Abondance. Walking, running or snowshoeing, on marked paths or off the beaten track, the important thing is not performance but the experience lived and shared in contact with mountain nature.
In her approach, Lalie doesn’t just invite us to roam through breathtaking landscapes while raising our awareness of fauna, flora and natural habitats. She also suggests that we open ourselves up to more subtle perceptions, to the emotions and sensations aroused by our immersion in the magical world of the mountains.
Taking the time to breathe in, to enter into full awareness with the living natural environment, and perhaps even trying to touch the depths of our own nature, is what we can try to experience with her on every outing.

The last word.

Lalie always has an idyllic spot to suggest to fill up on positive energy and enjoy the benefits of a little morning “sun salutation” session.
A great way to get off to a good start and fill your day with serenity.